ACONCEPT is an investment of ATLAS BOYA TEKSTİL as a sourcing company concantrated on small runs of cut & sew garments , small runs of fabrics in meter or kg and also promotion and basic work wear items 
Having the power of ATLAS BOYA TEKSTİL as an experienced company in bulk fabric dye process from 1966 and also having latest technology machines for digital printing and rollic printing we would like to give the best service to our customers about their small run orders of fabrics or cut & sew garment as a full service delivered to their adress. 

We strive to give you a five star service, from communication to the finished product. We aim to delivery every part of our service to an incredibly high standard.

As a producer in a clothing market, we know that your biggest hurdle to overcome when you started your brand was finding the right manufacturer. This involved a lot of money, time, stress and travelling. By starting working with our company, we can take this hurdle away from you, leaving you focus on making profit.

We specialize in start-up brands. Are you looking to start a clothing line but don’t know where to start? No problem, we offer you all with our business partner in UK. Along the meetings with you, you get to build a relationship with our company, offering you any advice or guidance you need with your brand in general, or with a design we are producing for you. Are you an established brand looking for a new manufacturer? You may not need the help a start-up brand will, but we certainly produce you high quality, affordable apparel to set a high standard for your brand.

Not only can we offer attractive pricing, and superb customer service. We will source high quality material, manufactured into your finished product by highly skilled workers. We look to turn your order around as quickly as possible, whilst keeping the standard of quality high. We also offer an all-inclusive price, where our total price includes production costs, shipping from the factory, sourcing the materials etc, leaving you with no nasty surprises.

We can usually make your first sample in 21 working days. Once you are happy with your sample we can start production on your bulk order straight away. This usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks. If you have had experience with factories before, you will know that this is a quick production turn around and this process can sometimes take months to complete by other manufacturers. Most manufacturers are not interested in you unless you want quantities in the hundreds, but we can offer excellent prices on orders as little as 100 units.

If you are having a sample made, we will invoice you for the sample x 2 only plus the DHL costs and if any mold is made. Once you have had the sample and wish to proceed with the bulk order, we require a 50% up-front payment, with the final 50% payable when we have completed the order and it is ready to be sent to you. We accept payment through international bank transfer.